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it turned off the fuel switch in the ukraine, and i was even in the ukraine the last time putin turned off the gas during the winter. it was cold. many other european nations are also at the mercy of the kremlin when it comes to energy. we can help european countries who depend on imperialialistic russia for energy by selling them natural gas from america. the demand is there and the american supply is overwhelming. the only thing standing in the way are the bureaucrats in the department of energy. that's why today i'm introducing legislation that would require the department of energy to expedite and approve permits to the ukraine, all former soviet nations, and all members of the european union. let's eliminate russia's natural gas monopoly. let's respond to russian aggression. let's encourage europeans and former soviet republics to buy america. and that's just the way it is. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does the gentleman from louisiana rise? >> unanimous consent to address the house. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentlem
the mistake again of standing by olympics or no olympics while something as important as ukraine's future is played out. from now on he's going to be very much involved in the future of that country. back to you. >> that's something the market's going to have to balance over time, jim, thank you for that jim maceda in moscow. >>> when we come back stop trading with jim cramer. uhhh. no, that can't happen. that's the thing, you don't know how long it has to last. everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive.. confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor can get the real answers you need. well, knowing gives you confidence. start building your confident retirement today. really? so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 a month? yup. all 5 of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line, anytime, for $15 a month. low dues great terms. let's close! new at&t mobile share value plans
to him. for people inside russia to see what the citizens are doing is a threat to him. if ukraine moves to the west which we have had a good three or four days in that regard obviously it will shake russia's future in a big way because no doubt the country will migrate more that way. if he is able to pull them back and some form or fashion, obviously at think that it pushes them back in the other direction. i hope that the president -- we were just talking about the things that our office needs to do to push the administration to really take a strong position near. you know, right now appears that the president really does not have a plan, not to be pejorative, but as so many other foreign policy crises, and seems that we are catching up and to dealing with events ad hoc as they move along. >> one last one from me and then we will go to dave share person, sean higgins, rosie gray. you were part of the bipartisan bicameral group that discussed taxes. a plan this week. agreed with limited enthusiasm. we will not be able to finish the job. is the beginning of a conversation. >> not in that
. he faced the media in russia and insisted he is still his country legitimate leader. he appeared in public for the first time in six days and apologized to the people of ukraine for not being able to maintain stability and he said he is not stepping
the ukraine. >> reporter: in yuan crane, a country on the edge of civil war, a war that could drag in russia, europe and even the u.s., frightening developments. >> we are on the edge not of the new cold war, but we are on the edge of hot war. >> reporter: the real danger is that ukraine is torn between russia on the one hand, so close and so powerful, so bound to it by history and language and the west on the other side with its promises of freedom, democracy and prosperity. where they moved in today, in crimea, russian is the main language. they welcomed these maz troops. to them, this is still their rightful president. he fled the capital city of kiev, as protesters took over there, he finally appeared in russia at a raucous press conference and declared, i am ready to fight for the future of ukraine. but tonight, all eyes are on one man -- putin and what he'll do next. >>> i want to bring in jonathan karl, so jon, tell us where we stand at this moment, does the white house believe that russia has invaded ukraine and that requires a military response? >> well, look, the white house is not
for the country. today in geneva our minister of foreign affairs spoke in detail about the situation in ukraine. we are convinced any internal crises must be overcome by a dialogue of forces in a constitutional way and with respect to international obligations and obligations on international humanitarian law, defending human rights and national minorities. it is important to avoid extremists who are trying to take the situation under their control who are using violence and open terror. it is well known who created the crisis in ukraine. disputing the legitimate actions of the legitimate authorities, some of our partners have taken a course to support antigovernment statements. they have encouraged their participants who have moved to aggressive actions of force in attacking the police, stealing from warehouses, and mocking officials in the region, and crude interventions. many towns in western ukraine have been taken over by armed national radicals under extremist anti-russian and other slogans being used. on the 21st of february, almost three months after the unrest and the excesses, there w
several months we see that putin has been facing a rebellion on his border. in ukraine which is country of absolutely crucial strategic poshes to russia and many russians feel deep kinship, where the orthodox church was born. we've seen a movement turning west toward europe, putin tried to buy off the government of president yanokovich offering $15 billion to turnight. we decided not to go in to syria because there was an agreement that syria would give up its weapons and they have given up as yet 11%. they were supposed to have given them all up, the fact that they are plotting this a message that the president is sending to the rest of the world which is, we're really not tha interested in compliance, this is a storm that's blown over. these things do have implications, it's part of the reason that putin doesn't take us seriously as he ought to when secretary of state comes out with a strong statement. because it's not backed up with the follow through. that's the risk that we run in all of these places. >> schieffer: david, what are they most worried about at the pentagon, you're th
report at 11:30 this morning. >>> the crisis in ukraine. coming up, the help the u.s. may soon provide that country's new government. >>> plus, president obama is talking about his new budget this morning at a d.c. school. the tax credit he wants to provide for some parents. woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. >>> we're following a developing story in ukraine. secretary of state john kerry is in kiev right now. he is meeting with the new ukrainian leaders that deposed the pro-russian president. the trip is meant to send a message to russia that the u.s. supports ukrainian sovereignty. it coincides with a major u.s. aid announcement. angie goff has more. angie? >> big financial support behind ukraine. treasury secretary jack lew saying the white house is working to give a $1 billion loan package to the country. he adds that money is going to go towards economic reforms to get ukraine back on its feet.
developments around the crisis in ukraine, russian president vladimir pew tin said his country has no in -- putin said his country has no intention of fighting the ukrainian people and agreed to hold talks tomorrow in brussels. putin said he reserves the right to use force to protect the rights of russians living in ukraine. he has thousands of troops in the crimea region. >>> whistleblower edward snowden will speak at the south by southwest festival next week in austin, texas, appearing via teleconference to discth >>> now game on with kristen berset. >> the georgetown hoyas are on an unfamiliar spot on the bubble of the ncaa tournament, but heading to this final stretch john thompson, iii said win and we're in. we won't know the outcome for another week or, so but the hoyas are making sure the selection committee takes notice of this team. georgetown hosting 12th
in ukraine deepens. pro-russian forces begin to lay claim to a critical border region, while the ousted ukraine president prepares for his first public appearance since anti-government protesters forced him to flee the country. >>> credit cards will be available, social security number, personal information. >> and hunting hackers. how u.s. autti
tomorrow. how the chaotic situation in ukraine had change the countries needs? bad. is pretty >> the imf said it would like it raised by 30%. do you think that right now in this environment, it is little bit radical? the prime minister said it was super flexible. >> in the presence of russian troops in ukraine, what kind of strain does that put on [inaudible] the level of uncertainty is all around the country. the conditions are pretty nervous. -- nowsday of last week, with the presence of russian more money? >> i do not think we need more money. >> the prime minister said some money would be diverted to the military. underfinanced for a long time in the past. the basic expenses should be covered by the ukrainian state. and then there is the gap. if we repay all of the debt it is ad for this year, geo -- from what i hear from the --ld, from what i hear from >> people are talking about this increasing the impetus and the -- it strengthens your hand with the imf. we did not invite any type of troops to help us. s is thesense i international community is more prepared to help before they we
alliance. countries that neighbor ukraine, for example, are poland and others who had part of that alliance, we need to be providing them assurance hads of the importance of this alliance including perhaps -- we should revisit the missile missile defense shield we talked about so often. beyond that, i would say it's part of strengthening and stabilizing the government in kiev now so they can transition to stability down the road, as well, i think part of that should be strengthening their defense capabilities. i think this threat is a long-term one they're facing >> you've been focused on foreign policy challenges in venezuela. there are protests there against the government and a crackdown against protesters in the streets. what would like to see the administration do? >> first we need to clearly pronounce ourselves as more than just concerned about what's happening. we need to say clearly the united states and its people and its government are firmly on the side of the ambitions and desires, the rightful desires of the people in the str, bow and time-out. this is a test for him. there are
in a neighboring country in a former part of the soviet union. nbc's bill neely has been watching it happen all day. he is in the ukraine, bill, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian, there is a russian war memorial behind me, russia's black sea fleet has been based here in the crimea for 250 years, but none of it explains what russia has been up to today. there is no question, the russian armor and men have been on the move today, and maybe on the move tonight. a form of intervention? well, russia is admitting as much. it began in the dead of night, unknown gunmen surrounding the main airport in crimea. by day it was clear they were pro-russian and against any repeat here of ukraine's revolution. after the surprise on land came the shock in the air. russian helicopters, some gun ships flying over crimeaand what ukraine said was a violation of its air space. next, at sea, a russian war ship blocking the ukraine coast guard vessels from leaving port. the russian troops are on the move, these men blocking the main military airport where tonight hundreds more russians flew in. ukraine says 2,
. threats of mud slides and floods while heavy snow gets ready to hit the rest of e country and a huge avalanche slams into a residential neighborhood in montana. this morning we're on top of it all. >>> ukraine unraveling. armed russian forces take control of a key airport in one part of the country. russian troops pouring in as president obama warns there will be consequences. are we headed for a new cold war with russia? >>> andcountdown to the oscars. the movie awards are one day away, and we're starting the party early with a look at the real-life scandal behind one of the oscar-nominated movies, plus, an oscar quiz we can guarantee you've never seen before, our way of joining in the excitement for the movie industry's biggest awards show, today, saturday, march 1st, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> good morning, welcome back to "today" on a saturday morning. >> welcome back to you. >> welcome back. >> i haven't said that in a while! it's like, yeah, welcome to the "today" show. oh, ye
. on this issue the people of the ukraine will have to speak. if you look at the country massive structural problems, massive structural problems. yet the country really does not have the institution today to deal with those. i think having another official, speaking by the way, directly to this person are this individual, but to have someone who comes in and does not have the mandate to change the nature of how the government there operates and to just returned to the other side during exact his same kind of thing is not spoiling to be something else will bode well for the country. energy sectors of the massive amount of corruption that takes place, those things have got to be dealt with. candidly one of the roles that the imf is best at playing has been that mechanism that helps force those changes without an outside 4825 forcing mechanism in this -- is on like the that the ukraine will be a will to -- it will take them strong, strong . >> the effort to attach the main veteran groups have come out against it. >> you know, i -- the senate to vote have been here seven years now. the senate
, no letup at all. >>> we move overseas to the growing crisis in ukraine. the former president who fled the country is expected to speak out as armed troops align with russia have taken over an airport and government building raising the prospect of civil war. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran tracking all the breaking developments from moscow right now and, terry, you see these troops out there at the airport and other government buildings. there is a fear that russia might get involved. >> reporter: absolutely, george. good morning to you. what's happened in this whole part of the world today is mysterious and dark and more than a little dangerous as you point out. around dawn this morning, those bands of uniformed armed troops took over two big airports in the crimeian region where they had that raef lucien trying to pull away from moscow. the people in this crimeian region want to stay close to moscow of those armed men according to alex marquardt, our colleague in that region, no insignias on that uniform, radio, well armed, well organized. there were loomers flying abo
the prospect of a pro russian separatist rebellion. today they began massive military exercises on ukraine's border with some 150,000 troops involved. dimitri with the carnegie institute in moscow explains russia's decision. >> we mean business. we do not want to take over countries, but we will stand up to defend our interests. >> tensions have been further inflamed by the news that russia has helped viktor yanukovych who was wanted in ukraine on charges of mass murder in his role for the killings of 850 protesters last week. people here like 20-year-old student tania are appalled he will not face justice. >> i want people to kill him because he e's not human. he's a monster. >> he's a monster. >> yes. >> we're now waiting for that press conference from yanukovych. he's choosing to hold it not in the capital of moscow but in a city 50 miles from ukraine's border. that, of course, is only going to ratchet up tensions even further. anthony, norah? >> very fragile situation there. clarissa ward. thank you. >>> if you have achoices. i got high without thinking about the harm it could do. i di
in ukraine deepens. pro-russian forces begin to lay claim to a border region while the ousted president prepares for his first public appearance since anti-government protesters forced him to flee the country. and hunting hackers. how they track down identity thieves around the globe.
manufacturers will suffer. hey will not be competitive. in bout 15 million people ukraine work in this sector. they do not match the e.u. spenders. let's take, for example, railway transportation. we have a different size of the track. so some countries have a broad track, wide track, and in the e.u. they have a narrow track. and of course the defense industry, you know, it would be eft out. these losses would be the biggest for ukraine and we realize what we discussed with mr. putin. rugs take protective mezzshures. they need to protect their omestic suppliers. he addressed the ukrainian governors to put talks with the e.u. on halt to renegotiate and when we find a mutually acceptable solution, or maybe europe can meet us halfway, or could provide us with economic compensation measures. unfortunately, we didn't have , and the e.u. did not .ffer any steps >> i would like to say, we have been -- we would like to call it a day. if you have questions that have nothing to do with issues that were already discussed, that would be good so we don't say the same things again and again. > mr. yanukovi
Search Results 900 to 918 of about 919